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Which Queuing Mechanism is best for QoS?

When it comes to QoS in Packet Transport environment, Queuing mechanisms insides switches and routers  hold key importance.There are a variety of methods used by manufacturers.
So which Queuing mechanism is best for QoS for routers and switches. There is no clear answer to that because every queuing mechanism has certain Pros and Cons. I have summarized main queuing mechanisms and reflected a comparison of them in the following table.Have a look of it and let me know your comments about it.


9 thoughts on “Which Queuing Mechanism is best for QoS?”

  1. I started reading your blogs in the morning and now it is almost evening. I don’t feel like stop reading. Illustrative, detailed, vendor neutral and many more tags to it. This was the only one where there was no picture. probably I am not able to view because of some permission issue. Picture says thousand words. Request you to send the same via email if possible.

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