Cloud Native Infographic

Don't Miss the "Cloud Native Infographic" !

Everything is cloud Native from 5G core to RAN, transport and orchestration. Either you know about it or Nothing about Cloud. In this "FREE" one page infographic poster, I have made it a QUICK and EASY reference for Cloud Native main concepts which are otherwise very complex to understand. Plus get notified when important blogs are published.

Essentials of ASON GMPLS

A presentation I created a while ago on basics of ASON GMPLS


GMPLS ASON Essentials by Malik Faisal Khan


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6 years ago

Hi Faisal,
Why don’t we use a pure GMPLS on DWDM and we use ASON/GMPLS?what is wrong with using pure GMPLS on DWDM?

Faisal Khan
Faisal Khan
6 years ago
Reply to  Hama

Hi Hama,
Thanks for stopping by!

There is nothing wrong with using GMPLS only on DWDM. ASON looks at the network more from the architectural and global view ( as compared to pure GMPLS). Also the network management is more defined in ASON ( compared to pure GMPL).you can run GMPLS alone without ASON too. Usually you cannot run ASON without GMPLS as ASON needs GMPLS for signaling. GMPLS is more generalized and not limted to optical layers, it can be used for example in MPLS-TP also.

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