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A word about me !

Hi, I am Faisal Khan. A Telco cloud enthusiast, who is passionate to write about anything Telco cloud: Technology, current issues, perspectives !

My quest through this blog would be to write something about some of those issues and topics that confront the readers; to share something from my “experience” that can help someone out there, seeking answers.

For my day job I work in Planning & Architecture for a Mobile Telco in the field  of SDN,NFV and Transport.

I have also been writing articles for some leading publications like lightreading, SDXcentral and Networkcomputing

Why you should read this blog ?

  • This comes from my first hand experience with the technology in Telco environment.
  • Not only do I speak from experience but I also have qualifications and certifications to support: from ONF, Openstack and MEF. Have a look here   https://www.linkedin.com/in/faisalk1
  • This is neither marketing fluff, nor a mouthpiece of a certain vendor !

So go ahead and  join my journey by subscribing to my mail list  by downloading the NFV mindmap at the home page and I will see you  there !


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7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Faisal,

    Its not important if you are expert and know things.. What matters is breaking down of your expertise into simple way and explaining the basics to readers.. You have mastered the art of it.. Your explanations with examples.. in a storytelling way, make the learning and understanding of things simple….

    Take care! Keep posting.. you have me as a sold reader…


  2. Hi Faisal – I would like to get your opinion and a few minutes of your time to chat about Edge of network computing for 5G and other SDN configurations and the impact of the network fabric of these infrastructures.

    Would you be kind enought to chat about this sort of thing?

  3. Hi Faisal,

    Just touching base to see when you last had a briefing to get a corporate/product update from Aryaka. Happy to schedule something at your earliest convenience.

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